PLN Ensures Electricity Supply during Ramadan to Eid in Papua – PLN Main Units for Papua and West Papua Regions have alerted 1,385 personnel to secure electricity supply during Ramadan and Eid 1443 H. These personnel consist of 758 PLN employees, 563 technical service officers, 64 Command Center officers and 2 groups of PDKB Troops (Work in Voltage Conditions) in Papua and West Papua.

Amount of 32 command posts scattered across all implementing units are also prepared during the standby period from April to May. This is done to ensure that the electricity supply continues to be reliable and that field officers can respond quickly in the event of a disturbance.

A General Manager of PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Moch. Andy Adchaminoerdin explained that during this standby period, places of worship are the main focus of PLN’s electricity security.

“Around 92 points in Papua and West Papua are our priority for securing electricity, most of which are places of worship/mosques,” he explained.

Previously, PLN had made various preparations to maintain the reliability of electricity supply. The deployment of troops and equipment in each Customer Service Implementing Unit (UP3), inspection of feeders and substations as well as network sweeping and trimming of branches near the power grid have been carried out.

PLN UIWPPB together with all other Regional/Distribution Parent Units simultaneously carried out the Yantek Optimization Apple, last Friday. This activity indicates PLN’s commitment to continuously improve the performance of Technical Service Officers (Yantek) as the spearhead of the company in optimally serving customers.

Andy added that with Yantek Optimization which has been launched since the end of 2021, he is optimistic that the service quality of Yantek Officers who are on standby during the momentum of Ramadan and Eid will be better. “Yantek officers are required to be responsive, and respond quickly if there are complaints of electrical disturbances from customers,” he added.

Meanwhile, the top electricity load in Papua and West Papua currently reaches 341 MW with a generating capacity of 450 MW. This condition provides a power reserve of around 109 MW which is sufficient to meet power needs during Ramadan and Eid 1443 H.

“We will do our best to ensure that electricity supply to customers remains to secure, so that people can worship comfortably in this month of Ramadan,” concluded Andy.

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