Plant Seeds for Residents for the Sake of Prosperity in Papua – In order to anticipate the food crisis and the efforts of the Task Force to assist difficulties and to improve the welfare of the people, the Pamtas Yonif Raider 142/KJ Task Force provided assistance for seeds getting ready to be planted to the community, located in Elelim Village, Elelim District, Yalimo Regency, Papua, Monday 4 July 2022.

In his statement regarding the distribution of plant seeds, Dansatgas Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif R 142/KJ, Lt. Col. Inf. Esnan Haryadi, said the providing of these seeds was to improve people’s welfare and support government programs in the field of food security to prevent food crises by considering the high prices of food in the market, especially at the Papua region.

“Before giving these seeds, I as the Dansatgas have ordered all ranks of the Battalion Raider 142/KJ Task Force who are in separate posts, to take advantage of the land around the Post, so that seeds can be planted which can later be used as a food security tool to anticipate food crisis,” said Dansatgas.

The distribution of the seeds was immediately handed over by the Territorial Officer Letda Indar Sinaga, with varieties of seeds including corn, kale, eggplant and finally chili seeds to the community. Several citizens receiving the seeds for planting, included Mr. Lauren (45) and Mama Lince (52).

During the delivery of the seeds, the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Territorial Officer Yonif R 142/KJ First Lieutenant Inf Indar Sinaga expressed his hope that the plants provided would be beneficial for the residents and that there were initiatives from residents to develop planting and making nurseries so that they were sustainable.

“Hopefully it can be useful for Mr. Lauren and Mama Lince and other citizens. Later, we will continue to share it with other communities,” concluded First Lieutenant Indar Sinaga.

In the same place, Mr. Lauren and Mama Lince together expressed their gratitude to the TNI Task Force for providing the seeds.

“Thank you TNI, after seeing the plant seeds in the Post, we are very happy. I want Mr. TNI to share these seeds with other residents. Thank God we got quite a lot of these seeds and are ready to plant. Thank you, Mr. Task Force of the TNI, for giving this seed, Wa…wa…,” said Mr. Lauren and Mama Lince with a smile.

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