Philosophy of PON XX Papua Torch in the Shape of Tifa – This time, the National Sports Week or PON was held in Papua. Currently, it is the 20th PON that already has been held in Indonesia. One of the interesting things about this big sport event in Indonesia is the PON torch made to resemble tifa.

Tifa, the proud instrument of Bumi Cenderawasih, is a traditional musical instrument that is able to unite all elements of society. Creative designs of torches, stoves, and fire lanterns for PON Papua are unique and depict the rich culture of the land of Papua.

The PON Papua torch is inserted ornaments containing symbols inspired by Papua’s natural wealth. One of the ornaments is yellow symbolizing the prosperity and glory of the mountain and coastal areas.

It is this Tifa torch that ignited a fire in the calderon of the Lukas Enembe Stadium, as a symbol of the enthusiasm of regional athletes to achieve achievements throughout the Papua PON. Tifa traditional musical instruments are found in the culture of the Papuan people from coastal areas, lowlands, to mountainous areas in Papua.

The Tifa model torch was chosen because this traditional Papuan percussion instrument embraces the philosophy and culture of the local community. On the torch there are various carvings of native Papuan motifs.

The unique shape of this torch was designed by a figure named Reza Pamungkas. He admitted that the design of the Tifa model was made through in-depth study, especially by involving anthropologists and young curators from the Cenderawasih University museum, Enrico Kondologit.

As stated by  him, there are three important meanings in this Tifa-shaped torch, especially concerning with the daily life of the Papuan people and how to unite differences by hearing the sound of the percussing of Tifa calling people to gather to celebrate victory and peace.

Enrico said that so far there has been a misunderstanding in the community as if Tifa is only used in mountainous areas. Actually, Tifa is also used from Papuan people in coastal areas to mountains, especially in the Bintang Mountains area. Since 2010, Tifa has been registered as an intangible cultural heritage.

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