Pertina Papua Sends 20 Boxers to Take Part in the National Championship in Medan – For about 20 Athletes of the Indonesian Amateur Boxing Association (Pertina) of Papua Province will take part in the National Boxing Championship (Kejurnas) in Medan, North Sumatra, August 4-11, 2022. These 20 athletes are a contingent from Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency and Mimika Regency. The procession of releasing the athletes was carried out by the Provincial Management (Pengprov) of Pertina Papua Province against City Management (Pengkot) Pertina City of Jayapura at the Parking Yard of Wisma Atlit KONI Papua, Mandala Stadium, Jayapura City, Saturday (3/7).

Meanwhile, the contingents of Jayapura Regency and Mimika Regency did not participate in the releasing ceremony, but went directly to Medan. These Papuan boxing athletes will take part in three classes, both male and female, Elite, Junior and Youth classes, with details of 20 athletes, namely the City Council of Pertina Jayapura fielded 14 boxers, 9 men and 5 women respectively. Pertina Jayapura Regency Government 4 men and Mimika Regency Pertina Regency 2 women. The ceremony for the release of the Pertina City Pengkot Contingent of Jayapura City was marked by the handing over of the flag/catastrophe of the Pertina Papua Provincial Pengkot by the Daily Chair of the Pertina Papua Provincial Pengkot, Rahmad Marimbun to the General Chairperson of the Pertina Jayapura City Council, Wellem Kayoi as well as the Manager of the Pertina Jayapura City Council Team.

A Daily Chairperson of the Pertina Papua Provincial Government, Rahmad Marimbun told the media crew that the participation of the Pertina Papua Provincial Pengprov Contingent in the Elite Men & Women, Junior & Youth Boxing Championships in Medan, as an intermediate goal, to appear in Pre PON, Papua Boxing Championship, PON XXI 2024 in North Sumatra and Aceh, the Vice President Cup and other boxing championships. Therefore, it is said that his party sent a number of “new faces” boxers to override the knowledge and experience, even though the budget was said to be limited. “We always try not to be absent from every boxing event and this year there will also be other national events, including Cups such as the Kasad Cup, Vice President Cup and several other events such as in Makassar and Bali as well as several events in other areas,” said Rahmad.

“We make these events as a test match and the point of this is how children can participate in the National Championship, and this is our focus, regarding the attributes that will be complementary,” he added.

The General Chairperson of the Pertina Jayapura City Council, as well as the Contingent Manager of the Pertina Jayapura City Council, Wellem Kayoi, said that although he went to Medan with a limited budget and minimal facilities, his party continued to encourage young boxers to hone their skills and gain experience.

“We hope that boxers can take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible, for the sake of preparing for Pre-PON and PON XXI 2124 in North Sumatra and Aceh,” said Wellem. Wellem said that several decades ago, Jayapura City produced quite a number of potential and talented boxers, some of whom even represented Indonesia in international boxing championships. For example, Beny Maniani, Frans Bonsapia, Lodowick Akwan, Lucky Lahumenten, Simon Rumkabu, Carol Renwarin, Sepy Karubaba, Tepy Wanggai, Beny Elopere, Agus Maay, Apollos Kurni and others.

 That is why, said Wellem, Jayapura City had been called the barometer of boxing in Papua. However, after that Jayapura City’s fist slowly dimmed. In fact, there are no more potential and talented boxers from Jayapura City. “For this reason, I want to restore the boxing wealth of Jayapura City as a barometer of boxing in Papua, Medan,” he concluded.

“We from Jayapura as the barometer of Papua are trying to rekindle Pertina’s victories as in previous years. We hope that with these new seeds, it will provide motivation, enthusiasm and encouragement for all Boxing fans so that Pertina will rise again towards their hopes and goals. ,” he said.

A Technical Advisor to Pertina Jayapura City Council, Alfred Kayoi, admitted that the Medan Boxing National Championship was a moment of rejuvenation or regeneration, especially for Papuan boxers. “It’s time for us to prepare, nurture and orbit young boxers, to appear at national events,” he said

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