Pertamina Papua Socializes Application Methods to Obtain BBM – PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, a Sub Holding Commercial & Trading PT Pertamina (Persero) will disseminate information on how to register for BBM through the “” page specifically for four-wheeled vehicles (cars) in three districts, namely Nabire, Merauke and Biak, Papua.

An Area Manager of Communication Relations & CSR for Papua Maluku Region, Edi Mangun, said that the socialization for filling in Pertalite will be held in approximately a week, namely August 1-5 2022. This socialization aims to make it easier for consumers to register.  At several gas stations, a registration post will be prepared that will assist in registration.

“Consumers will also be given education so that they can easily understand the registration process and implementation in the field later,” said Edi.

According to Edi, consumer vehicles that have been registered and verified are entitled to get a QR Code that can be used to buy subsidized fuel. This QR Code will be scanned by the gas station officer for every transaction of subsidized fuel.

“Later it can be printed and stored, or even can be pasted on the vehicle and what we need to know together for payment is still using cash,” he said.

He ensures that the confidentiality of the data is also guaranteed because the data will be useful in establishing energy policies with the government. This step can also prevent the potential for misuse of subsidized fuel in the field.

“The public can also register their vehicles independently through the website or can visit the registration post provided at the gas station, which is planned to be carried out in early August,” said Edi.

Pertamina also coordinates across agencies and with the local government, so that this policy is no longer constrained in the field. In addition, socialization to the community is also always carried out so that the community can be well educated.

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