Pertamina Ensures the Fuel Supply to West Papua Safe –  PT Pertamina (Persero) guarantees that the supply chain of fuel oil (BBM) to a number of areas in West Papua Province is safe so that the public is advised not to be provoked by false news of the scarcity of fuel.

An Area Manager Communication Relations & CSR Pertamina Papua Maluku Region Edi Mangun said Pertamina was normalizing the rotation of oil tankers transporting oil to Eastern Indonesia, which had previously been disrupted due to extreme weather. He ensured that there was no shortage of fuel because there were still reserves at the Pertamina depot.

“It’s just that the distribution is controlled, while the normalization of the rotation of tankers takes place,” said Edi in Manokwari, Saturday (11/13).

He explained that normalizing the rotation of tankers in the eastern region, which was centered at the Wayame Sea Port, Ambon City, would take time. However, this condition does not cause a shortage of fuel.

“It should be noted that oil tankers do not carry quotas for two Oil Fuel Terminals (TBBM) at once, so the quota for TBBM in Sorong City cannot be supplied to TBBM Manokwari and its surroundings, and vice versa,” he said.

He admitted that Sorong City’s condition had returned to normal after Pertamina and the local government provided education to the public who had been swayed by the fake news of the fuel shortage. The situation in Sorong City is not caused by the scarcity of fuel, but the issue is deliberately blown by certain parties which triggers public unrest.

This provoked the panic buying of fuel and resulted in long queues at several gas stations. “The panic buying of the people of Sorong City was caused by three hoaxes, including the increase in the price of Pertalite, Pertalite will be withdrawn from circulation and the third hoax about Pertamina running out of fuel,” Edi explained.

He said, after filling the Sorong City TBBM, the tanker from Wayame is estimated to arrive in Manokwari on Monday (15/11) night, so that the supply of fuel to the Manokwari Raya area will be immediately resolved.

“The supply of fuel to Bintuni Bay, Wondama Bay, South Manokwari, and Arfak Development remains normal. People are advised not to panic, because the reserves are still available for the next week while the process of transferring fuel from tankers to Manokwari TBBM,” he said.

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