Peparnas XVI Papua, a Proof of the Government for Realizing Equality – The XVI Papua National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) proves the government’s commitment to realize an equality for people with disabilities in Indonesia.

In supporting equality, the President has released two Presidential Regulations (Perpres) and seven government regulations as derivatives of Law Number 8 of 2016 concerning Persons with Disabilities. Thus, athletes get the same equality in every event participating in sports competitions of various levels.

This rule has been ratified by President Joko Widodo within a period of one year, namely 2019 to 2020. This of course makes equality for athletes with disabilities immediately conducted in real terms.

Referring to the rules that have been made, he said, President Joko Widodo, among other things, emphasized the awarding of prizes with the same nominal value when athletes with disabilities win in a national or international sporting event in the future.

Along with Peparnas XVI Papua, the government also continues to accommodate persons with disabilities to remain to be productive in carrying out daily activities. One of them is by encouraging them to pursue sports that are contested in the routine national level sporting events which are held every four years.

It is important to do, given that pursuing a sport is the right of persons with disabilities whose freedom is guaranteed in state legislation in the country. In this way, Indonesia will have sufficient resources for athletes with disabilities in the future.

“We will continue to accommodate this, in order to achieve the target of increasing the number of people with disabilities who take part in sports competitions,” he said.

Then, the central government will also cooperate with all local governments through intensive coordination in encouraging coaching for athletes with disabilities. From each region will emerge new seeds of Paralympic athletes who have the opportunity to make Indonesia famous in the international arena.

Regarding the supporting infrastructure for the XVI Papua National Peparnas, the government has made every effort to create a disability-friendly implementation area. The government has coordinated intensively with related regions.

The supporting infrastructure in question is friendly for people with sensory disabilities, people with motor disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities, people with disabilities, and people with multiple disabilities.

All of this is based on Articles 15, 97, 98 and 99 of the Persons with Disabilities Act. Article 15 mentions the sports rights that must be obtained by persons with disabilities. Article 97 states that it is the obligation of local governments to provide infrastructure facilities for people with disabilities.

Articles 98 and 99 relate to the obligation of local governments to provide disability-friendly buildings and supporting facilities. This is also one of the requirements for applying for a building permit and there must be an audit of the accessibility facilities of each building. This is accompanied by the application of legal sanctions for violators of the above provisions.

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