People on Earth of Cenderawasih Ready to Welcome Digital Broadcast – Nationally, the Central Government through the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) has conveyed regarding the termination of analog broadcasts into digital ones or commonly called Analog Switch Off (ASO) starting on November 2, 2022.

This was revealed by the Head of the Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of Papua Province, Rusni Abaidata in a discussion with the Regional Government in the Hall lt. III Office of Communication and Information Technology of Papua Province. (01/10/2022).

Rusni Abaidata also said that there are 22 Television Broadcasting Institutions in Papua consisting of 21 Private Television Broadcasting Institutions (e-broadcasting) and 1 (one) Public Broadcasting Institution (TVRI). ASO’s policy is mandated by Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation (UU Cipta Kerja) for broadcasting clusters and its implementing regulations.

 In the Job Creation Law, it is stated that the migration of terrestrial television broadcasting from analog technology to digital technology and the cessation of analog broadcasts (analog switch off) is completed no later than 2 (two) years after the enactment of the Job Creation Act.

And as has been regulated in the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 11 of 2021, namely with the overall implementation time which does not pass November 2, 2022 at 24.00 WIB.

“According to KPID Papua data from 21 private TV broadcasting institutions (LPS) in Papua, 11 (eleven) LPS broadcasting systems are already digital, 6 stations have not migrated to digital or are still analog and 4 (four) LPs are simulcast. Therefore, it is hoped that broadcasters whose licenses are still analog will immediately switch to digital broadcasting licenses, “explained Rusni in the discussion.

Furthermore, the Regional Government, represented by David Tirajoh, SP, a Head of Information Applications (APTIKA) at the Papua Province Communications and Information Office, said that the local government through the Kominfo Service had so far carried out ASO socialization on November 2, 2022.

The government hopes that television broadcasting institutions, both government and private television stations, must continue to socialize the termination of analog broadcasting, so that people can switch to digital broadcasts evenly and people can still enjoy good information and entertainment.

The government also hopes that the synergy that has been built with KPID and the Broadcasting Institution will continue to be maintained so that people in Papua will still have their right to get healthy information and entertainment.

The head of the Papua KPID, Rusni Abaidata, continued that the results of this discussion can be said that Papuans are ready to welcome digital broadcasts.

“Digital broadcasts have clean images, clear voices, sophisticated technology and many broadcast programs, moreover, digital broadcasts can be enjoyed for free, without paying for the future,” he said.

On this occasion, Rusni also said that if the citizents’ homes suddenly turn off the television broadcast and there is only a picture or Modi barcot digital broadcast, the television is still analog television.

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