Pemda of Puncak Papua Facilitates a Hotel in Timika for Handling COVID-19 Patients – The Pemda of Puncak Regency, Papua has prepared a hotel in Timika as a quarantine center for COVID-19 positive patients.

The choice of hotel in Timika, the capital of Mimika Regency, is because of the health facilities in Mimika are more appropriate and adequate, compared to health facilities in Puncak Papua.

“Including the oxygen supply, if at any time it is needed by COVID-19 patients. The availability of oxygen in Puncak is very little, because oxygen cannot be transported by airlines,” explained the Regent of Puncak Papua, Willem Wandik, Tuesday (20/7).

The Regent explained that currently there are 8 residents who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. This case makes Puncak, which was previously a green zone for the spread of corona, into a red zone.

“As a result, we have also closed passenger flights and human crossings to Puncak. Passengers who will enter Puncak from Tiimika, Nabire and Jayapura, are currently closed,” he explained.

Regent Willem hopes that by placing positive COVID-19 patients in one hotel, it is hoped that there will be no spread of COVID-19 in Puncak.

“We will have a meeting with the Regent of Timika, as well as ask for permission to rent a hotel in Timika as a quarantine place for Covid-19 patients from Puncak Regency,” he said.

Another reason for the transfer of positive COVID-19 patients from Puncak to Timika was because the security conditions in Ilaga, Beoga and Sinak were not yet conducive.

“It is worried that a number of these obstacles will affect the health team in handling COVID-19 patients,” he explained.

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