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Peeking the Excitement of Alternative Papuan Schools: From an Outdoor Learning to Film Screening

goodmorningpapua.com – An alternative Papuan school have their own way of asisting children learn. These include holding reading places, exhibitions of works, and film screenings. This informal school, which was initiated by Suzan Griapon, was established in 2021 with the aim of helping children learn.

School activities are not like schools in general. They study outdoors at the River Perumnas III, Yabansai District, Jayapura City. Seen several study groups guided by the teacher sitting in the open yard on horse grass.

There is a reading stand containing the work of coloring and drawing, which is bound to black cloth using masking tape. Also focused on preparing for film screenings. A teacher, Wari Murib, explained that teaching and learning activities at his school were also added with the installation of posters containing invitations and enthusiasm.

In the study group some students were coloring, counting, and introducing the letters of the alphabet.

“The children here come from early childhood education, kindergarten, elementary to junior high school. Apart from school lessons, we also teach those outside of school,” he said.

Around four teachers were seen assisting the children pair their work. The yard is wide enough to be a fun play area for. Running around carrying paper and colored pencils calling for the teachers.

The activity continued with the introduction of new teachers and students. Then the screening of a short film entitled Sa Need Ko Have Love and Mama Kasmira.

In the film Sa Need Ko Have Love tells about the life of a child who is not guided by his parents, so that in his journey the child tries to support himself.

The child in the film is seen putting cardboard on top of a motorbike in the parking lot of a terminal.

“Even though their income is only Rp. 5,000, they do what they do to survive,” said Wari.

While the film Mama Kasmira is a mother’s struggle to provide for her two children by working in an oil palm plantation. As stated by him, the first film teaches children to respect their parents.

Meanwhile, the second film is to remind generations to protect the forests that exist today. The screening session was over. Classes are divided according to age, namely 5-11 years in line to take tea and snacks.

Meanwhile, those aged 11 years and over discussed activities or learning constraints both at school and at home under the guidance of other teachers.

Wari added that there are 10 teaching staff at the school. Not only in Perumnas III, the Papua Alternative Schools which have been running for one year and three months are in Padang Bulan, Heran District, Jayapura City and Sabron Sari, West Sentani District, Jayapura Regency.

Wari said that the reason he was moved to teach was to see the condition of the children during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely not studying well.

He hoped that the current efforts that has been made by the students can become pride and have a bright future. Class ends at 19.00 WIT and students go home, some are escorted by the teacher.

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