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Peeking at the Culture of Drinking Coffee in Papua, Sipping Coffee while Eating Sago

goodmorningpapua.com – There is something unique about the culture of drinking coffee in Papua. Ralf Repasi, a barista from Papua, said people from his area used to drink coffee while chatting and discussing.

Well, what’s interesting is that snack or side dish for drinking coffee in Papua, is not bread, biscuits, or fried foods.

“In coastal areas, they usually drink coffee while eating grilled sago,” said Ralf when met by GenPI.co at the Indonesian Coffee Festival, Senayan, Sunday (29/5).

As stated by him, the grilled sago is a good snack for coffee. He said roasted sago was not only a substitute for biscuits, but it could create a different sensation when drinking coffee.

Unlike the coast, Rafl said that coffee culture in mountainous areas also has its own traditions.

“In the mountains, people usually drink coffee while eating hypere or sweet potatoes. The hypere is burned, then eaten while sipping black coffee,” he explained.

Ralf hopes that the culture of Papuan coffee and coffee beans will bring special interest to lovers of the drink in Jakarta.

Because, according to him, the taste of Papuan coffee is also not inferior to other regions. According to him, there are several advantages and uniqueness of Papuan coffee.

“Papua coffee is more fragrant,” he said.

In addition, Ralf considered Papuan coffee to have a more fruity taste and contains a bit of honey flavor at the end.

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