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PB Peparnas Holds a Journalist and Media Workshop in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Grand Committee for the National Paralympic Week or PB Peparnas XVI of Papua officially held a journalist and media workshop for reporting on the event of Peparnas XVI in Papua, at the Suni Lake Garden Hotel Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Tuesday (29/6/21).

This workshop was attended by about 30 journalists from printed media, radio, TV and online media in Jayapura and its surroundings.

This activity also presents competent speakers from the Press Council and the Central NPC, and will be held for three days, 29 June – 1 July 2021.

The General Secretary of PB Peparnas, Rivo Manansang who represents the Daily Chair of PB Peparnas, Doren Wakerkwa, said that this workshop was held to provide a briefing to journalists who would cover the grand sporting event of the athletes with disabilities in Indonesia.

“There is a synergy with the existing media with a model of how to convey news, processing it into an intake of quality information that has fair and balanced value in the point of view of the community,” said Manansang.

He hopes that the crew of journalists involved in this workshop can contribute positively to the success of the event of Peparnas XVI in Papua.

“That’s why the quality of information is important and even has to be improved. This is important so that there is a proper flow of information. We believe that through this media workshop, the role of journalists and the media can support the success of the Peparnas event,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary I of PB Peparnas of Papua and Chairman of the Committee, Timotius Matuan said the three-day workshop had presented speakers from the Central NPC as well as senior journalists who have taken parts so much in covering the NPC celebration.

“It is hoped that with this workshop, journalists can present good news in Peparnas coverage. The purpose of the workshop is to strengthen and increase the capacity of journalists in accessing information and communication to the wider community,” said Matuan.

“Journalists are expected to have the same perception in supporting the implementation of Peparnas. This workshop is to improve the performance of journalists and us at PB Peparnas,” he added. Timothy also hopes tha journalists in the future will play a role in echoing Peparnas XVI throughout Indonesia.

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