Paulus Waterpauw will Maintain the Stability and Security of West Papua – A Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian left a number of messages to the acting governors who were sworn in today. Especially to the Acting Governor of West Papua, Tito ordered Paulus Waterpauw to maintain the stability and security of West Papua.

“He was once the Chief of the Papuan Regional Police, he is a Papuan son, a Papuan native. With all his experience, academic abilities, flying hours, we hope to maintain political stability and defense in Papua,” said Tito Karnavian in his office, Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Met at the same location, Paulus stated that he would prioritize a humanist approach in dealing with various problems in West Papua during his tenure.

“We will have a dialogue. A humanist approach is important. We must cooperate with all parties in dealing with matters relating to the interests of the community,” he said.

In addition, Paulus said, Tito also gave a message about anticipating possible actions to reject special autonomy, new autonomous regions, and also preparing for the 2024 General Election, ” he said.

Paulus also stated that he would embrace those who refused to appoint him as Acting Governor of West Papua. “If there is a reaction, it’s normal. It’s just a part of an effort to give real encouragement, it means that there are notes from them that I don’t know, the extent of their thoughts, I will communicate with them and invite them to talk. Let’s work together. Today is going forward to work,” he said.

Hundreds of joint military and police officers have been alerted today to anticipate actions against the inauguration of the acting governor. Quoted from a report by the Antara News Agency, the situation in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province, is approaching until the age of inauguration is under control.

In general, Minister of Home Affairs Tito conveyed five messages to the acting governors, including; maintain political stability and regional security, build good communication with regional leadership communication forums or Forkompinda, and pay attention to programs that are of national concern to the government in the regions, especially the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, accelerating the reality of APBD spending by involving the private sector and MSMEs for better economic growth.

“Also pay attention to the national strategy program for education, health, as well as road and bridge infrastructure. The acting governor should not just sit in the office but go directly to the community to see the problems faced by the community,” said Tito.

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