Papua’s Batik Tulis Gets Interested in Visitors ofthe Exhibition of Indonesian Creative Works – Papuan Batik created by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) group assisted by Bank Indonesia in West Papua attracted the attention and interest of visitors to the Indonesian Creative Works (KKI) exhibition which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta, 26-26 May 29.

Desriani as the owner and designer of Papuan Batik, said Saturday, May 28, that the visitors to the KKI exhibition were very enthusiastic about Papuan Batik products.

“There are so many enthusiasts of Papuan batik, the sales are quite large. We are certainly happy and proud to be able to introduce Papuan Batik to various other regions in Indonesia,” Desriani said as quoted by Antara.

During the KKI exhibition at JCC Senayan Jakarta, the UMKM of Batik Tulis Papua displayed various types of their superior products or works, ranging from Batik Printing, Batik Tenun, and Batik Tulis .

Even since the 2017 KKI, which was held by Bank Indonesia, Papuan Batik has become the excellence product of West Papua displayed in the event.

Desriani said that Bank Indonesia’s support in fostering MSMEs in West Papua was very felt and very helpful, because the KKI exhibition could help the economic wheels of the small businesses they were involved in.

“In addition to exhibitions at KKI, BI also often assits in conducting promotions, for example at airports and other public places,” he explained.

The three products exhibited at the KKI JCC Senayan Jakarta, namely Batik Tulis, Batik Tenun,  and Batik Printing, each have their own market share.

According to Desriani, Batik Tulis  and Batik Tenun are sold at quite expensive prices because the manufacturing process takes a long time and is very durable. Meanwhile, batik printing is more affordable for all people.

“An alternative to Batik Tulis  is Batik Printing, which is very affordable,” said Desriani.

The price of Batik Printing is set at IDR 70 thousand to IDR 80 thousand per meter, Batik Tenun per piece is priced at IDR 450 thousand, and Papuan written batik per piece reaches IDR 1.2 million to IDR 1.5 million. As for Papuan batik made of silk, the price per piece is up to IDR 2.5 million.

The production of these three products is entirely carried out in Manokwari, by empowering local workers in the area.

“Now the production from Batik to completion has been conducted in Manokwari. But if there is a lot of demand, I use the services of batik from outside Papua,” said Desriani.

From these efforts, Desriani claimed to be able to reap a turnover of IDR 150 million to IDR 250 million every month.

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