Papuan Youth’s Voice: Don’t Protect Thieves in the Land of Heaven – The presence of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) team in Tanah Papua, which has examined and continues to investigate allegations of corruption by the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe, has given great hope to the young generation of Papua. This hope, among others, was voiced by the Secretary of the People’s Front for the Archipelago (Barapen) Papua, Jhon Mokay.

In the view of this young man who was born in Yahim Village, Jayapura Regency, what the KPK is currently doing by continuing to collect evidence and investigating the involvement of parties related to the alleged corruption that ensnared the Governor of Papua, is like cleaning the Land of Heaven from thieves. “Because what we know is that Papua, even in other parts of the world, people know that Papua is a piece of paradise that has fallen to earth. How come there are still thieves in heaven? If you want to say that corruption is a thief, a thief with a tie, you want to be protected, it means that it’s been reversed,” said Jhoh in Jayapura.

Because of this, Jhon asked all parties, especially the younger generation of Papua, to continue to provide support to the KPK to clean Papua from the dirty actions of corruptors. “If Pak Lukas’ case (KPK) succeeds, it is clear that the youth will also feel the positive impact of the KPK’s work while in Papua, namely Papua without corruption,” said Jhon. The most concrete hope of the Papuan youth, I admit, is the creation of jobs. With that, unemployment can be reduced drastically.

 “Because it is also too bad, if we look at the current situation there are many young people who have solid education, it’s just a pity that they don’t have the opportunity to work, either in the government or in the private sector, eventually they become unemployed, following bad things. Due to the absence of jobs, it is very vulnerable for Papuan youth. If there are jobs, the bad habits will automatically decrease, because they are busy working,” hoped Jhon.

Because of that, Jhon regretted that there was news regarding the Governor of Papua who had spent hundreds of billions of rupiah gambling in casinos abroad. For Jhon, that much money would be very useful if it was used for education for young Papuans. “In my opinion, with 560 billion, thousands of excellent scholars can be created for the land of Papua. Because it’s useless if we say that Papua is progressing, while the people are not developed,” said Jhon.

Jhon once again appealed to all parties not to hinder the KPK from thoroughly investigating corruption cases in the Land of Papua. Jhon also asked the Papuans who were still protecting Lukas Enembe to immediately leave Lukas’ residence. For him, Lukas Enembe himself should have taken the role of asking his sympathizers to disperse.

“Maybe apart from the governor, it could also be from the church. Because what we know is that as Christmas approaches, the church parties may be able to take over this case, not entirely but urge the masses to return home, disperse themselves in an orderly and good manner, without any friction with security forces.” he concluded.

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