Papuan Youth Leaders Mostly Support the New Autonomous Region – Youth leaders in Papua have come up to support the plan for the division of Papua or commonly known as the new autonomous region (DOB).

A head of the Muslim Communication Forum of Pegunungan Tengah, Papua, Ustad Ismail Asso, urged the Papuan people to look at the division from a positive perspective.

He also invoked religious leaders and local people to respond wisely to the for and against of the expansion of Papua.

“The state will never intend to assasinate, harm or even eliminate the Papuan people. The purpose of the new autonomous region is to maintain, protect and improve the welfare of the Papuan people in an equitable and fair manner,” said Ismail, who is known as the millennial Ustad from the central highlands of Papua.

Ismail believes that with the new autonomous regions, development in Papua can be better, including in terms of education and health for future generations.

“One of the forms of the divisions is that services for the public can be closer and make it easier for people to get the full attention of the state,” he explained.

Another young figure who voiced the division of Papua is Christian Arebo who is the Chairman of the Papuan Indigenous Youth. He is grateful for the Presidential Decree (Kepres) number 9/2021 regarding the acceleration of Papua and West Papua which supports the new autonomous regions of Papua and West Papua.

“DOB is a gift for the land of Papua, for equitable development and a public service approach to the Papuan people,” he explained, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

He said, DOB also eased transportation costs between regions in Papua or West Papua. Then, new autonomous regions can also make it easier for each region to develop its territory, without being controlled by only one region.

“We hope that the people in Papua and West Papua will provide full support to the new autonomous regions, including the proposals for the Province of Southwest Papua and the Province of the North Papuan Islands, which are expected to be approved in the near future,” he said.

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