Papuan Youth Alliance in Jayapura Inflames the Spirit of the Region Division – The Papuan Youth Alliance strongly condemns the actions of a group of youths rejecting the formation of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) for Papua.

Even the Papuan Youth Alliance chose to continue to inflame the spirit of the region division of the Papua Province which is believed to bring about changes for the better in this Cenderawasih Earth.

This was conveyed by the chairman of the Papuan Youth Alliance in Jayapura City, Ali Kabiay in response to the rejection of DOB from a group of opposing organizations, Sunday (5/6/2022).

“We Papuan Youth Alliance have agreed in a coordination meeting to jointly voice our aspirations to the DPRP, in the form of support for the expansion of Papua,” Ali explained.

Ali further stated that the Papuan Youth Alliance was formed on the basis of concern for the original voice of the people in the Land of Papua who chose to fully support the division.

“We consist of traditional leaders, representatives from indigenous territories, Papuan youth to religious leaders, who have concerns about the situation that is happening,” he said.

He also hopes that the Papuan Youth Alliance can become a forum for the division to convey aspirations to support the division of Papua.

“We also want to appear and speak out so the public knows that there are Papuans who support the division,” he said.

He said that with the division of Papua, such a large area would shorten the span of development control, as well as accelerate development.

“Access to education, health, economy and others can become easier and closer to the community,” he said.

Through the Papuan Youth Alliance, Ali hopes that the DPRP can hear their aspirations later, because as representatives of the people, they must position themselves in a balanced manner.

“We believe that our aspirations can be fully heard, and this is an affirmation to the outside community that not a few Papuans support the division,” he concluded.

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