Papuan Women and Democracy – The democratic process implemented through general elections is currently dominated by men.

This fact can be seen from the number of men siting in the legislative and regional heads.

In this regard, the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) Papua encourages women in the local area to be more actively involved in the democratic process in line with the 2024 elections.

A Commissioner of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) Papua, Ronald Manoach, encouraged women to take advantage of the momentum of the 2024 elections to be actively involved in the democratic process.

This is an effort to realize women’s equality in the right to vote and be elected.

“Actually, there is a lot of potential for Papuan women that is still buried or untouched”.

“That’s why we started encouraging because this is important and so that women are more aware and can be active and involved in the democratic process,” Ronald said to the media crew, including in Jayapura, Wednesday (27/7/2022).

Ronald said that the potential of women in Papua can be explored through the collaboration of various parties. This is because Papuan women have the right to participate and be involved in the democratic process, both as organizers, politicians, representatives of the people and government.

“Thus, through the socialization of women’s equality in the right to be elected and to vote which we hold, it is hoped that it can spur and open up space for women to be actively involved both as voters but also as candidates to be elected,” he said.

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