Papuan Traditional Weapons, For Hunting to War – Traditional Papuan weapons are widely used by the tribes of Cenderawasih to hunt and find food to meet the needs of life. Besides, weapons are also used by indigenous Papuans to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Papuan traditional weapons are known for their unique shape and the basic materials they are made of.

Dagger of Cassowary Bone

The Papuan traditional weapon, in the form of a dagger is made of cassowary bones. At the end of the handle, there is a cassowary feather designed to add to the characteristics of Papua.

This dagger was used initially by the Asmat tribe to hunt game and protect enemy attacks as a form of self-protection. Now, the Asmat tribe uses this dagger as a ritual tool for traditional events.


It is a traditional weapon of the Papuan people for hunting. This bow has accurate speed and accuracy in aiming at prey, making it the right choice when it is needed to look for food ingredients such as pigs and so on. In addition to being used in hunting, this bow is also used to carry out wars between enemies to protect themselves and their colonies. The bow is made of wood which has a strong base material to last for a long time. This bow goes hand in hand with arrows because both must be used at the same time to find prey. Arrows are usually made of kangaroo bone and sharply pointed to instantly kill the prey being hunted.

Stone Ax

The traditional Papuan weapon is a stone axe, as the name implies, made of river stone carved into an oval, slightly pointed at the end. The stone ax is not only used for cutting down trees, it is also used as a means of paying fines, dowry and also as a tool that must be present in rituals and traditional ceremonies. This stone ax has social value and a high selling price among the Papuan people, so it is highly valued and not used carelessly.


It is one of the traditional Papuan weapons which is also often used by local people to hunt for food. This spear is made of wood made with a length of 3-4 meters and is very sharp at the end, so that it is able to kill prey. Spears are also used as a tool for war, because by having a sharp spear, it will be able to penetrate the opponent’s body to death, so it is very effectively used for war. In addition, spears are also used to complement dances in cultural events or traditional ceremonies.

Piercing Tool

The next Papuan traditional weapon is the stab tool often used by the Bauzi tribe. It is a native Papuan tribe that lives on the banks of the river. This stab tool is made of cuscus bone which is then tapered and shaped like an arrow. This stabbing weapon can be used to hunt animals to meet their needs. Besides, this stab tool is very environmentally friendly because it does not require industrial processes that can pollute the environment, so that nature can be maintained. The manufacture is adjusted to the wishes of the owner, how the level of sharpness and sharpness of the stab tool.

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