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Papuan Traditional Leaders Urge Enembe Not Ignore the Summons of the KPK Anymore

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe continues to be urged to cooperate with the legal process carried out by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). As stated by a Papuan traditional leader, it was inappropriate for Enembe to continue to be absent from the investigation after being named a suspect by the KPK.

“Lukas Enembe must open himself up to fulfill the KPK’s summons and clarify the allegations of corruption by the KPK,” said the traditional leader of Waris Keerom, Gasper May, to reporters, Wednesday (5/10). “The Papuan people must support the legal process and should not intervene in any form because it is the authority of law enforcement,” he added.

Gasper May added that the public should not be provoked because they could be involved in conflict. If a riot occurs, the community itself will be harmed because victims can fall. “Many Papuan regional officials have deviated from Otsus funds so that the budget does not reach the community and there is no development in the regions,” said Gasper.

Previously, the KPK regretted the absence of Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe. Lukas Enembe should have been questioned as a suspect, on Monday (26/9).

However, the Lukas’ lawyer team came to the KPK to inform them that the number one person in Papua Province could not attend by reason of illness. “Today, Monday, September 26, 2022, the KPK was originally supposed to conduct an examination of the Governor of Papua LE’s brother, but until now the person concerned has not fulfilled the summons,” said a Head of the KPK News Section, Ali Fikri to reporters. “We certainly regret the attitude of LE’s brother who chose not to fulfill the summons of the KPK investigation team,” he continued.

Although Lukas Enembe’s attorney has delivered a plan of absence due to his client’s health condition, the KPK has not received correct information yet from the doctors or medical personnel who explained Luke Enembe’s true condition.

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