Papuan Students Sing Franky Sahilatua’s Song for Ganjar Pranowo – Franky Sahilatua’s song ” Aku Papua [I’m Papua]” echoed at the Graha Widyatama Building, Universitas Jendral Sudirman (Unsoed), Purwokerto, Tuesday (9/8/2022). The song was sung by five new students from Papua, specifically for the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo.

The moment took place when Ganjar Pranowo became a speaker at the 2022 Sudirman Summit which was attended by around 6,000 participants. They are new students from various regions. Besides Papua, there are also students from Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

Initially, Ganjar asked if there were any students from Papua. It wasn’t long before five students who were wearing black and white clothes came forward. The five are Adelia Sikowai, Sampari Suviori, Iren, Natalia, and Dominika. After a short dialogue, the five Papuan students were asked to sing by Ganjar Pranowo. They compactly sang the song “Aku Papua” by Franky Sahilatua.

Then, it was Dominic’s turn, or familiarly called Ika, to be asked by Ganjar to sing alone. He then sang the song Indonesia Raya very solemnly. Even Ganjar and all the students fell silent hearing Ika’s melodious voice.

“I heard it with goosebumps earlier. His voice is good,” said Ganjar to the applause of thousands of students who were present at Graha Widyatama Unsoed, Tuesday (9/8/2022).

Ganjar said he was happy because at Unsoed there were many students from outside Java. Even from what was shown by the Papuan students, Ganjar saw that those from outside Java were very happy to be studying here.

“This is a good opportunity and I am happy that at Unsoed, Papuan children enjoy studying here, then from Kalimantan and Sumatra there are. I am also happy that one of the students from Papua was able to video call with his father who was there, and his father showed a happy face,” said Ganjar.

After that, Ganjar continued to provide material related to the challenges that must be faced by future generations. Including how the Unsoed academic community has produced many achievements, which can be achievement motivation for new students.

In the middle of giving the material, there was a student from Kebumen named Fatimah, who turned out to be a graduate of the Central Java Vocational School in Purbalingga. Meeting with Fatimah, Ganjar admitted that he was touched.

“I’m also touched, I see that there are students from Central Java Purbalingga Vocational Schools accepted here, Civil (Engineering) again. That will definitely change the fate of themselves and their families, especially those from Central Java Vocational School, sorry, from poor families,” said Ganjar.

In front of thousands of new Unsoed students, Ganjar gave an overview of the changing geopolitics of the world, the challenges of a changing world, and a difficult economy. However, there are great opportunities that can be obtained by future generations, because of the ability to master technology.

“They have good cultural values, because they are children who have big dreams for this nation and country. So we give examples so that they have achievement motivation, so there is enthusiasm for achievement because they already have a choice. It remains only for the lecturers to direct with their respective talents and I am sure that seeing a generation like this, our future is bright even though the challenges are not easy, “explained Ganjar

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