Papuan Students in Solo Support Government for Welfare Policy –  A number of students calling themselves Orang Asli Papua (OAP) studying in Solo Raya, Central Java Province, stated that they are determined to maintain and establish communication and solidly support the Government in responding to the situation in Papua.

A number of Papuan students currently studying in Solo, Friday (28/5), expressed their support for the government’s program related to special autonomy (autonomy) for the sake of the progress of a peaceful and prosperous Papua.

According to a student representative from the Surakarta National Shipping Academy (APN) Musa Matius Maumere (20), the security situation in Papua is a matter for the government and local security forces to resolve it.

“Our job in Solo is to learn and to create peace in our environment. However, we want people in Papua to live in safety, peace, so they can live in prosperity,” said Musa Matius Maumere.

According to Musa, his party wants land in Papua to be safe and peaceful, so do the people there want the same. “After graduating I want to return to Papua to help in developing the community over there,” said Musa.

Musa said that his party together with students of APN Surakarta are willing to support government programs related to special autonomy in developing the Papua region for the welfare of the Papuan people.

“We also support government programs in preventing the spread of COVID-19 specifically in the Central Java Province,” Musa said again.

In addition, his party also supports and is ready to assist the Central Java Regional Police in creating a safe and conducive situation for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) with a fixed price.

According to Musa, a student from Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province, sees the development in Papua is still low, so that the people’s welfare, infrastructure, health and education need to be improved.

Therefore, his party is ready to fully support the government’s program in developing Papua for the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua. The number of Papuan students studying in Solo Raya Central Java is around 80 students, while specifically in APN Surakarta there are around 30 students.

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