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Papuan Students Declare Themselves to Focus on Learning for an Self-Sufficient Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com – Focusing on learning, that’s the passion for Papuan students who declare themselves for a better future and progress for Papua. The students, who are currently studying in Central Java, made this declaration after seeing that many of them held demonstrations.

In fact, these demonstrations often deviate from the essence of the obligations of a student. One of the students is Boy. A 21-year-old man from Papua representing students from his region gave a statement.

This statement is related to their goal of migrating to the Land of Central Java solely to study.

According to Boy, the Indonesian government supports Papuan student learning activities through the provincial government and the police in Central Java.

“We are here to prepare for the regeneration of future Papuan leadership cadres,” said Boy, Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Papuan students from several universities also regretted the actions of irresponsible elements.

In their opinion, these aspects degrade the main goal of a student. With that determination, these Papuan students will focus on the main goal, namely learning to mature themselves towards an independent Indonesia.

In fact, they also want to become quality future leaders and live in harmony in accordance with the motto of Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

“By bringing a sense of nationalism to the Indonesian people, we Papuan students in Central Java will always focus on learning,” added Boy.

“For the sake of cadre advance and the progress of Papua in the future as part of the 2045 Indonesian Golden generation,” said Boy.

In fact, Papua requires good quality human resources (HR) to build a better Papua.

The students studying at various campuses in Central Java live in the Papua Tegalwareng Student Dormitory, Semarang.

They are committed to continuing to develop themselves and learn well so that when they return to Papua, they become the spearhead for the progress of Papua.

“We will always study hard to develop ourselves, so that we can build a better Papua,” said Boy.

Representatives of Papuan students in Central Java regretted that there were individuals who degraded them to carry out demonstrations going off from the essence of student affairs.

This is what underlies these Papuan students to make a declaration to focus on studying for their service in the land of Papua later.

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