Papuan Student Forum Insists to Government and DPR to Approve New Autonomous Region – The Papuan Indigenous Student Forum for the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Jabodetabek insisted to the central government of President Joko Widodo and the House (DPR) to immediately ratify and sign a law on the new autonomous region.

This was conveyed when the Papuan Native Student Forum held a demonstration in front of the DPR/MPR Building, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (7/6). The three new provinces are South Papua, Central Papua and Central Highlands Papua.

This forum considered that the new autonomous regions were a solution and strategy for development in Papua. “So with that we are down today to press for the law to be passed within this month,” said an Action Coordinator, Charles Kosay, at the location, Tuesday (7/6). He also said that his party was determined to guard it for the benefit of the Papuan people.

“We are here today without coercion or personal interests. We are really right to voice Papuan aspirations,” he continued. Charles also mentioned that there are areas in Papua Province that cannot provide good public services because they are still isolated.

It also makes health and education problems increase since they cannot go to certain areas because of there is no road construction.

“So this region division will help to open up these isolated areas,” he said. In addition, according to him, the existence of this division will have a positive impact on the native Papuans in the political field. This is because Article 76 of the Papua Special Autonomy Law states the obligation to improve public services and promote the rights and dignity of indigenous Papuans from an economic and political perspective.

  “So, from two provinces to five out of these five, the political rights of Papuans will go there without the party line, because it is already binding on the Special Autonomy Law. That is where the welfare of the Papuan people will be seen,” he concluded.

 Previously, a Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament Lodewijk F. Paulus emphasized that the Indonesian House of Representatives had received a Presidential Letter (Surpres) from the government regarding the discussion of the three New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua, namely related to the Bill on the Province of South Papua (Ha Anim), the Bill on the Province of Central Papua (Meepago), and the Bill on the Province of Papua in the Central Mountains (Lapago).

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