Papuan Student Conference Urges KPK to Uphold Corruption Eradication – The Papuan Student Conference (KMP) urged the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to immediately proceed with the summons/forced arrest procedure against the suspect in Corruption Crimes (tipikor) Papua Governor Lukas Enembe. This insistence was delivered during a demonstration in front of the KPK building, South Jakarta, Friday (30/12/2022).

An action coordinator Moytuer Boymasa stated that the KPK should not be selective in eradicating corruption. And the Minister of Home Affairs should also deactivate the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe with a temporary official. This step is important for accelerating the recovery of the system and system of governance in Papua Province, which has just divided into three new provinces.

In addition, KMP also stated its support for the KPK to eradicate all corrupt practices in Papua not by customary law, but by state law, namely based on the mandate of Law No. UU no. 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Corruption Crimes.

“KPK must immediately take firm and appropriate steps to uphold justice in accordance with the law that applies equally to every Indonesian citizen. This case cannot be resolved by traditional law, Lukas must face state law because he is allegedly involved in the crime of bribery and gratuities related to work or projects originating from the Papua Province APBD,” said Moytuer Boymasa in his statement.

KMP also emphasized its attitude as youth and students, the next generation of the land of Papua in the future is ready to oversee and fully support every step and policy taken by the Corruption Eradication Commission for all corruption cases occuring on the land of Papua for the sake of the rights and dignity of the Papuan people and for the sake of equal distribution of welfare and accelerating development for Papua’s land, people and future.

“We youth and students of the land of Papua are the heirs to the future of civilization on the land of Papua, we do not want leaders and figures who set a bad example for us who will continue the relay milestone towards the future of Papua. We want to be the next generation of Papua’s future civilization who are educated to be honest human beings, fair human beings and humans who are humane or beneficial to others,” he said.

Lukas Enembe is suspected of being involved in a corruption case, and lately he has always used the excuse of being sick to not answer summons. Meanwhile, various information reported that he was often found abroad even though he was getting sick.

Lukas’ activities abroad were previously in the spotlight after findings by the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) revealed that Lukas Enembe’s cash deposit to a gambling casino amounted to IDR 560 billion. The allegations of corruption committed by Lukas include an odd budget allocation for the leadership of the Papua Provincial Government, which is valued at hundreds of billions.

In addition, there are also allegations of misappropriation of National Sports Week (PON) funds and allegations that Lukas has a manager to carry out money laundering. The determination of a suspect against Lukas is not a sudden matter, of the 10 major corruption cases in Papua, one of these cases involves Lukas Enembe.

During the investigation into this case, the KPK had previously examined witnesses for more than 50 people in Jayapura, Jakarta and several other places, however, Lukas Enembe himself had not complied with the KPK’s summons.

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