Papuan Student Association in Germany Releases Book of Inspiring Stories – The Papuan Student Association in Germany held a virtual Soft Launch of a collection of short and inspirational stories. The book is the result of a writing competition organized by PMP Germany in collaboration with BUP (Books for Papua) on 22 February – 25 March 2021.

“This year, we PMP Germany again collaborated with Buku Untuk Papua in publishing this book. So our goal is to encourage the creation of a productive generation of people in literacy, both in creating narratives and in reading,” said Antonius Zaverius E. Agapa as the person in charge of the virtual event for the publication of this book who is also the Head of the German PMP Education Division.

“Our next goal is that we believe the best way to improve the quality of character, competence and well-being of a person’s life is to instill a culture of literacy such as reading, thinking, writing and creating from an early age,” he continued.

The virtual book publication of a collection of the short and  the inspiring stories was attended by approximately 30 participants, ranging from the winners and participants of the writing competition, members of the German PMP, representatives of Taman Baca from Papua and West Papua, friends with disabilities (deaf), representatives of organizations Papuan student organizations from various cities or countries of study and the general public.

The publication was also welcomed by the Education and Cultural Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Ardi Marwan and Plt. Head of Education, Libraries and Regional Archives of Papua Province, Mr. Protasius Lobya, S.Sos. M.Kp.

“No one should ever think that Papua is left behind. So maybe the periodization of Special Autonomy, we focus on quantitative priorities, but our Special Autonomy Volume II has entered on how to straighten education, where quality is the main priority,” said Protasius Lobya.

Still in his speech, he also thanked PMP Germany for the innovations and contributions that were very beneficial for education in Papua and Indonesia.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Ardi Marwan, as the Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin, in his speech, really appreciated and thanked the German PMP for actively contributing, especially to the Papuan people.

In his speech also, Pak Ardi gave a message to all Papuan children in Germany to use this golden opportunity to achieve the best and explore the best in the world of education, which is expected from PMP friends and Papuan friends who study in Germany could be the next Pak Habibie.

With 2 Special Performances, namely brother Stephen Wally, a musician from Papua and vocal duet singer, Nogei, as well as song presentations from PMP friends also enlivened the continuation of this virtual book publication event. In the Book Publication session at this event, of course Dayu Rifanto as the Founder of Buku Untuk Papua who is also a partner of the German PMP explained the description of this book itself so that the participants who were present could understand it better. In his explanation, the book which consists of 18 best stories and has a total of 128 pages is expected to be useful for everyone.

On behalf of the short story writers and inspiring story writers, Valentina D’Arc Sirken, Nelson Mandela Yikwa and Teku Wey, they were present to give their impressions and messages in this virtual book publication. “Hopefully PMP activities in Germany can be held regularly in the future, as a space for me and my friends to learn,” said Valentina D’Arc Sirken, one of the short story writers.

The impression and message representing all invitations to reading gardens in Papua and West Papua was also conveyed by Yulianti Kondjol who is one of the founders of the OPA Reading House which also now has a branch, namely the Cendrawasih Reading House in South Sorong. In her impression and message representing all invitations to reading gardens, Yulianti Kondjol also asked for support from various parties to come together to help each reading garden activity for the future of children in Papua.

This virtual event was also more interesting with the presence of Ansri Nauw as one of the founders of the Egad Kairos Learning House who brought the fairy tale, Tapa Stories Magai, about the Legend of Lake Sentani to all the younger siblings who were present.

To get support in the process of producing, printing, and distributing this collection of short and inspirational stories, PMP held a fundraiser expected to assist all the processes until this book is finished and arrives at reading parks in Papua.

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