Papuan SMEs Comes in the Digital Market – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) of Papua Province responded well to the President’s state speech which said that every MSME could enter the digital area.

As President Jokowi targets by 2024 there will be around 30 million MSMEs entering the digital market. “We in Papua have responded well, so we must follow this step,” said a Head of the Papua Communications and Information Service, Jery A. Yudianto, Sunday (21/8).

According to Jery, many ecosystems are created by the government through infrastructure and can be utilized, how MSMEs enter the digital realm. Thus, a lot of added value is obtained.

“Besides that, there is also confirmation of users of domestic production, through applications that we have made such as local e-catalogs whose purpose is to enter the digital market. But the scope is still local,” said Jery.

Basically, Jery continued, Papua will also participate and on August 24 there will be a National Movement for Proud Made in Indonesia. One of them is how our SMEs are curated to enter the marker plate market.

“Later on, we will mentor Papuan MSMEs, by means of technical institutions of capital through existing channels. So, they can be a part of it,” he concluded.

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