Papuan Religious Leaders Urge Lukas Enembe to Fulfill to KPK’s Summons for Examination – Ahead of the second summons by the KPK, a Papuan religious leader Albert Yoku suggested Governor Lukas Enembe and the lawyers pro-active to follow the KPK’s summons.

It is known that the KPK sent a second summons to the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, for questioning on Monday.

Albert said, Lukas Enembe must have the courage to provide clarification if he is not involved in the corruption case that ensnared him.

“I suggest that there is still strong cooperation between the Governor (Lukas Enembe) and the KPK, whether the police, whether legal representatives to carry out these areas of the legal process professionally in accordance with the code of ethics of our respective duties,” said Albert Yoku, Friday (23/9).

“So, there is no provoking or instigating language that makes contradictory views,” he added.

Albert also said that if Lukas Enembe complied with the KPK’s summons to be investigated, it would dampen the situation in Papua.

In addition, Albert appealed for the entire community to remain calm and to hand in all legal processes to law enforcement officers so that harmony and peace in Papua is maintained.

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