Papuan People Assembly Supports Regional Division Policy – The Papuan People Assembly [MRP] absolutely supports the central government’s policies regarding the division and establishment of new autonomous regions for the Provinces of South Papua, Central Highlands Papua, and Central Papua for fair, equitable and inclusive development.

A  Religious Working Group member of MRP, Dorince Mehue, said the support had been conveyed to President Joko Widodo at a meeting in Jakarta, Friday (20/5).

“Several points of discussion that we conveyed to the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, one of which fully supports the President’s policies for local leadership in the transition era (for example the acting governor), which prioritizes and oversees strategic agendas for accelerating development as a legacy and landmark for Papuan development in the leadership era. President Joko Widodo,” said Dorence.

He added that the MRP also supports and appreciates the Government in managing Papua by means of Law Number 2 of 2021 concerning Special Autonomy for the Papua Province and various derivative regulations.

This supports the preparation of a grand design to accelerate the development of Papua 2022-2041 in order to strengthen people’s trust in the state, he added.

“We also support accelerating the ratification of the bill for indigenous peoples to protect and preserve the rights of indigenous peoples in the Land of Papua,” he said.

Regarding the attempt of President Jokowi and the central government to open a space for communication and a humanist approach with the Papuan people, he said this was in the context of inclusive socio-political reconciliation in order to resolve the root causes of problems in Papua in order to strengthen humanitarian ties.

Friday (20/5), as many as six members of the MRP and four members of the West Papuan People’s Assembly were specially invited by President Jokowi to meet at the Bogor Palace, West Java, to discuss the establishment of three new autonomous regions in Papua.

The President invited members of the MRP and the West Papuan People Assembly from elements of the working group and customary territories along with their assistants, namely the Jayapura Regent, the Mayor of Sorong, the Chancellor of Cenderawasih University and the State University of Papua.

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