Papuan People Appreciate the Film ‘ Si Tikam Polisi Noken’ – The Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) appreciated the screening of Si Tikam Polisi Noken, a film produced by the Papuan Regional Police which was in the spotlight because it was accused of being racist. This film is considered to provide a picture of the reality of the Papuan people.

“I agree that the film Si Tikam Polisi Noken will be screened in all Indonesian cinemas because this is the reality of life in Papua,” said Papuan MRP member Edison Tanati after watching it together at a mall in Jayapura, (9/2/2022).

The chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Papua Province, KH. Syaiful Islam Al Payage also expressed his appreciation. This film is considered to describe the other side of the typical Papuan society.

“I hope that all Indonesians will join us in watching the film Si Tikam Polisi Noken so we can see another side of Papua which is extraordinary,” said Syaiful.

Meanwhile, a Papuan highland community leader, Paskalis Kossay, said that this film describes well the reality of the social life of the Papuan people, which is characterized by inter-group wars. However, this film also educates the younger generation of Papua so that they do not continue to be hostile to each other.

“So that the role in this film will provide a positive contain for all people to be able to think whether we continue to be in this state (at war with each other) or change, especially the younger generation of Papua,” he said.

Furthermore, the head of the Indonesian Pentecostal Church Association (PGPI) Pastor M.P.A Maury said the film Si Tikam Polisi Noken could introduce the culture of the Papuan people. Maury said this film deserves to be screened outside Papua.

“I consider that this film has a lot of lessons and publications for Papua in a spectacular way and if it is screened outside Papua it is very good, this film also illustrates that it turns out that being a member of the police is not an easy struggle,” he said.

It is known, that the premiere or gala premiere of the film Si Tikam Polisi Noken took place for 2 days at a cinema in a mall in Jayapura, Wednesday (9/2). Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri, who was also present at the screening, left it entirely up to the audience whether this film was worth watching or not.

“We hope that there will be input from the community so that it can be used as material for me to decide whether this film is suitable for everyone to watch or not,” said Mathius.

Regarding the previous accusation that this film contains the issue of racism, Mathius hopes that there will be no more protests without first watching this film in its entirety.

“We realize that this film still has many shortcomings, for that in the future we hope to be better by presenting great producers and directors from the land of Papua. We will later ask for suggestions and input from all parties for our material to decide this film is not suitable for screening in 8 big cities in Indonesia,” said Mathius.

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