Papuan Mothers Can Sell Handicrafts at the PON Arena – Secretary of the Solidarity of Indigenous Papuan Traders or Solpap, Natan Naftali Tebai said that the National Sports Week or PON XX of Papua should not be functioned as an arena for Papuan elites to gain profits. The government must ensure that the economic benefits of PON XX of Papua are also felt by small traders and Papuan mothers who make handicrafts such as Noken.

That was stated by Tebai when met in Jayapura City, Papua, Monday (5/7/2021). “Don’t let the fate of small communities in Papua, such as Papuan mothers, be ignored during the PON. PON should be an event for the small community, not a platform for elites,” said Tebai.

Tebai asked the Papua PON XX Grand Committee to ensure that Papuan women or any native Papuan traders would be allowed to be at the PON venue. This permit must also be given to Papuan mothers or Papuan native traders who do not have official platforms to sell their handicrafts.

“Still let them sell, because of what mothers do is the result of creativity from what they do,” he said.

Tebai emphasized that the implementation of PON must generate economic benefits for the community. PB PON XX Papua should provide a proper place for native Papuan traders, especially Papuan mothers to sell their various handicrafts to PON visitors.

“Don’t disband Papuan mothers if they come in their own way. The local government should also not feel inferior [with the presence of Papuan mothers doing a selling], because they sell to support their families. They only need space during the PON,” said Tebai.

Solpap itself will gather Papuan mothers who have prepared various merchandise or crafts for sale during the PON. Tebai emphasized that Solpap would still coordinate the mothers, even if the PON Grand Committee did not provide a place to sell.

“During the event we will sell with our way, come to the venue or beside the existing booth. The empty booths will be filled. The presence of mothers during PON is the face of the government in Papua. So, the organizing committee of PON should not feel inferior, nor should they not provide a place for mothers to sell during PON,” he said.

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