Papuan Millennial Farmer’s Coffee to be Favorite of the World Coffee Festival in the United States – Several brands of coffee from Papua, which are also produced by indigenous Papuan children, adorn the display case of the world coffee exhibition Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, United States, on April 8-10, 2022. In fact, these coffees are the belle of the coffee stand owned by the Ministry. Agriculture.

The coffee exhibited in Boston is “Wilchoff Kopi”, from Arabica coffee plantations in the Arfak Mountains, West Papua and Dogiay, Papua Province, owned by Willy Sombuk and his colleagues. Meanwhile, “Manna” coffee from the Anggi highlands belonging to Rholand Raweyai from Manokwari, “in’papua Coffee and Roastery”, with Arabica coffee from the highlands of the Central Mountains of Papua in Papua Province, owned by Litha Numberi and her colleagues, and “Kitong Kopi”, which is Robusta Coffee, from the lowlands, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua, belongs to Bintang Rivani and his colleagues.

“These three coffees are the coffee products which is the most frequently visited by foreign visitors. Everyone is curious, why this coffee taste like that of the highlands of Africa can be located in Asia, “said Rachmad Poetranto, representative of Agricultural Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Washington DC.

These farmers and coffee entrepreneurs are trained by the Inspirational Young Papua Community based on President Joko Widodo’s Instructions in the context of Accelerating Development in Papua and West Papua.

The President then ordered the Presidential Special Staff Billy Mambrasar, together with this community, to launch the Millennial Farmer program in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. Currently, nearly 2,000 Papuan and West Papua Millennial Farmers have registered who are being fostered by the Ministry of Agriculture through this program.

“Alhamdulillah, if we take into account the incoming pre-orders, together with other coffee brands from all over Indonesia, almost 20 more containers have been ordered. On behalf of the Inspirational Young Papua community, young farmers of coffee, cocoa and other commodities in Papua and West Papua, I would like to thank President Joko Widodo, the Minister of Agriculture, the Indonesian Embassy, ​​the Consul General of New York, and the agricultural attaché who has facilitated us to exist here,” said Mey Osok, one of the Founders of the Inspiring Young Papuan Community.

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