Papuan Local Products to be Exhibited at Indonesian Galleries in the United States – Indonesia Community Connect (ICC), based in New Hampshire, United States, recently visited the Papuan House of Representative, which was received by the Chair of Commission II of the Papuan House Mega MF Nikijuluw, SH accompanied by the Chair of Commission V of the Papuan House, Timiles Yikwa, SE, Member Commission II of the Papuan House, John NR Gobai and the Secretary of the Papuan House, DR. Juliana J. Waromi, SE. M. Si in the Banggar room of the Papua House.

To reporters, the Chair of Commission II of the Papuan House for the Economy, Mega MF Nikijuluw, SH, said that recently his party received a visit from the United States-based ICC.

On this occasion, Mega Nikijuluw also explained, ICC is an international non-profit organization that works to accommodate all local products from local food or from every region in Indonesia, but specifically for Papua and West Papua it also supports the global trade and globalization,

He continued to say, as currently, the products made by the people in the Land of Papua in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Land of Papua.

“So, their goal is to go to Papua to take product samples from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), such as Noken, Coffee, Honey, Buah Merah. These results or the samples will be brought with them and the samples will be exhibited at the Indonesian Gallery in America,” said Mega Nikijuluw in his office, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

Mega Nikijuluw said that the exhibition will be held in September – October 2022. However, it is acknowledged that even though in Papua there are also many local prodak products from Papuan natives (OAP), they only have problems with capital and marketing.

“Of course, the samples mentioned above will be exhibited to the visitors there. Moreover, our brothers and sisters who are native Papuans also produce a lot of agricultural products, the only problem is the capital and marketing, for example coffee.  There’s a lot of this coffee now, there’s coffee from the Ambaidiru area, there’s coffee from Intan Jaya, Dogiyai, Lanny Jaya and Wamena,” said Mega, the nickname of the PDI-P politician.

According to Mega, thing like this need to be considered for how these people can also market their products, not only in Papua, but also for export.

It is said, moreover, there are already many products of indigenous Papuans, to be introduced outside Papua, even abroad. And, it’s not just some of the items mentioned above.

It’s just that said Mega, currently our craftsmen and farmers are constrained in capital and marketing. Therefore, the arrival of the ICC is very helpful for us, who directly meet us at this institution. So that the products of the MSMEs of indigenous Papuans can go international.

“In the future, we also hope to be able to collaborate with the Government in this regard with related agencies. For this reason, these related agencies must be more proactive, so that existing products can be marketed outside, so that they can improve the economy of the Papuan people. Especially to improve the household economy of our community,” said Mega.

Mega Nikijukuw also admitted that after the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy also slumped. So, the arrival of the ICC is very helpful.

“We also hope that this is really responded seriously by the government and our institutions here as representatives of the community, so that the products of our community can be marketed at the Indonesian Gallery in America,” she hoped.

Mega said, although we only gave a few samples to ICC, and not many, but at the exhibition in America in September – October, these products will also be exhibited.

“This is a matter of pride for us, if later there are products from our community that are sold and there is a large demand, then we ask the relevant agencies to be ready to fulfill the request. We as people’s representatives in this institution are always supportive and ready to help,” she said.

Mega Nikijuluw added, not only the economy, but also elements of culture and tourism, so as the relevant agencies can see this. Moreover, we in Papua have five traditional territories and have different cultures, both in terms of art and dance, including in any aspect. In addition, the potential in our area is also different.

“Some produce sago, some produce coffee and rice in Merauke. So we hope that in the future we can also market it. So I hope that the government, in this case the related agencies, can be more pro-active again for how in the future it can also see what the Papuan people have made so that they can be more independent to be able to market their own local food products outside Papua. Therefore, supporting from the government is needed,” she stressed.

 Accordingly, on this occasion, Mega Nikijulu also expressed her gratitude to the Secretary of the Papuan House, Dr. Juliana J. Waromi, SE. M. Si who has introduced us to the ICC.

“Once again, we thank the Secretary of State for being so pro-active and involved in mediating our meeting with the ICC, so that we know how to help the economy of the people in the Land of Papua. So that those who have succeeded can dare to be self-sufficient. That’s how we introduce ourselves to the outside world. Therefore, I hope that the government should be more observant in looking at this matter,” she concluded.

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