Papuan Language Center Holds Mother Tongue Buds Festival – The revitalization of local languages ​​is the spearhead of the sustainability of efforts to protect regional languages. This activity is an effort made by the Language Development and Development Agency (Language Agency), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) in preserving and developing regional languages ​​through inheritance to young speakers.

The goal is for young speakers to have a positive attitude and a sense of pride in using the local language in everyday life. In the implementation of the revitalization of regional languages, there are three stages that must be carried out, namely (1) the survey and coordination stage, (2) the learning or training stage, and (3) the performance/pasinggri/festival stage.

In line with that, the Papua Province Language Center held the Mother Tongue Buds Festival (FTBI) as the final stage of the regional language revitalization program. The festival has been held in one city and six districts. The revitalized languages ​​are Sentani language in Jayapura Regency and Kamoro language in Mimika Regency on Tuesday – Thursday, 27 – 29 September 2022.

The FTBI in the Imbuti/Marind language was held in Merauke Regency and the Biak language in Biak Regency on Wednesday – Friday, 5 – 7 October 2022. Meanwhile, the Sobei language FTBI was held in Sarmi Regency and the Biyekwok/Biyaboa language in Keerom Regency took place on Wednesday – Friday, 12-14 October 2022. Meanwhile, the Tobati language FTBI will be held in Jayapura City on Tuesday – Thursday, 18 – 20 October 2022.

A Head of the Papua Province Language Center, M. Muis, said the festival was held as an effort to protect one of the regional languages ​​in Merauke Regency. According to him, FTBI as the culmination of the revitalization of regional languages ​​targeting the younger generation continues to be intensified by the Language Center.

In the implementation of this festival, said M. Muis, the Papua Provincial Language Center cooperates with the city and district governments. The opening of the festival was attended by the deputy regent, assistant secretariat, regent’s expert staff, head of the education and culture office, representatives of the DPRD, academics, practitioners, culturalists, language activists, communities, and teachers and the jury.

FTBI is filled with various competitions and shows the creations of the local language revitalization program for young speakers. FTBI is a medium to improve students’ skills and creativity in regional languages. In addition, FTBI can also increase students’ confidence and pride in the richness of culture in the form of language and literature.

Through the performances of the Mother Language Tunas, the public can find out how rich this country is with various languages ​​and literature. In every implementation of language revitalization, it is hoped that the buds of mother tongue will emerge.

“They are expected to become ambassadors for their mother tongue in their respective regions. Through them, the mother tongue is expected to survive extinction and even develop,” hoped the Head of the Papua Province Language Center, as quoted in a release from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta, Saturday (5/11/2022).

The number of festival participants is 330 children consisting of 10-12-year-old 180 children or elementary school children in grades 4, 5 and 6 and 150 children aged 13 – 16 years or junior high school children in grades 7, 8, and 9 as mother tongue shoots. This festival involves the participation of accompanying teachers, language activists, and local governments. In the implementation of this festival, participants performed poetry readings, storytelling, short story readings, and folk songs in regional languages.

The Deputy Regent (Wabup) of Merauke, Riduwan, appreciated the implementation of the festival and was committed to including the Marind language as a local content in basic education and will prepare human resources as educators. This step is an effort to develop, foster, and protect the Marind language. Through the implementation of the festival, the vice-regent expects participants to be more motivated to learn continuously and proficiently in the Marind language.

In addition, Wabup Riduwan hopes that participants in the family environment will always be proud and always communicate using the Marind language so that the Marind language is sustainable. Furthermore, the Vice Regent will initiate a regional news program in regional languages ​​at LPP RRI Merauke. The Deputy Regent will also encourage the Merauke DPRD to issue regional regulations governing the development, development, and protection of regional languages ​​and literature.

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