Papuan Golden Son Gets Praise after Dewa United vs PSIS Semarang Match in the 2022 Presidential Cup – A young man from Papua received Nilmaizar’s praise after the Dewa United vs PSIS Semarang matched in the 2022 President’s Cup group A stage, Friday (17/6/2022) afternoon.

The young player who attracted the attention in the group A match of the 2022 President’s Cup Dewa United vs PSIS Semarang was Theo Fillo B.D Numberi.

Theo Fillo’s role in the group A match of the 2022 President’s Cup, Dewa United vs. PSIS Semarang, really brought the game to life.

The 20-year-old player entered in the second round replacing Asep Berlian in the group A match of the 2022 President’s Cup Dewa United vs PSIS Semarang.

He is good at controlling the game, passing the ball to his teammates, assisting the team build attack and defense.

Dewa United coach Nilmaizar was quite satisfied with Theo’s performance despite playing only 45 minutes of the second half.

“Theo Fillo is extraordinary, young people can control the game,” commented Nilmaizar after the match in a press conference, Friday (17/6/2022) night.

Not only Theo, the former coach of Semen Padang FC also praised the foreign player Dewa United who had just joined, Lucas Ramos De Oliveira. The Brazilian player even though only joined the team in the last few days.

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