Papuan Contingent Wins 4 Medals on First Day of Fornas Palembang – The National Community Sports Festival (Fornas) contingent from Papua Province immediately showed its quality. On the first day of the prestigious event held in Palembang, the contingent from Bumi Cenderawasih immediately recorded a record 4 medals, with details of 2 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

A secretary of the Indonesian Community Recreational Sports Committee (Kormi) Papua Contingent, Simson Rumbiak, said on the first day of Fornas Palembang, the Papuan contingent temporarily won four medals.

“The Papuan contingent gets totally energetic on the first day of the VI National Forum in Palembang. We won four medals,” said Simson when confirmed by the media crew, Monday (4/7/2022) via telephone.

Furthermore, Samson said, of the four medals, there were 2 gold, one silver and one bronze.

“This medal was won from the sports parent of the Indonesian Bodybuilding and Physical Association (Perbafi) and the Indonesian Traditional Sports Association (Portina),” he said.

Furthermore, Samson said, the two gold medals contributed by the Papuan contingent were in the Men’s fitness category and Men’s Sport Model.

“Joko Purnomo is in the Men’s Fitness category and Yofanli Ratu in the Men’s Sport Model category,” he said.

Meanwhile, the silver medal was contributed by Rudy Lewakabessy in the 45-year-old Bodybuilding category, bodybuilding over the age of 45. Meanwhile, Jovanli won the bronze medal in the Men’s Dagongan category.

Just for information, the VI 2022 National Recreational Sports Festival (Fornas) has been going to take place in Palembang, South Sumatra, 1 to 7 July 2022.

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