Papuan Community Component Declares Rejection of Free Papua Organization – Responding to the increasing number of acts of violence by a group calling themselves the Free Papua Movement (OPM), the Papuan community component, consisting of several community and youth organizations as well as community leaders, held a declaration completed by a statement of refusing the presence of OPM in Papua.

Ali Kabiay as a Chairman II of the Saireri Indigenous Youth as well as Chairman of the Mandala Trikora Youth, a Chairman of the DPD Barisan Merah Putih (BMP) Papua Province Max Abner Ohee, a Chairman of LPBMPB Rudi Samori, and several religious leaders and the Papuan community held a discussion and reading of attitudes in rejecting the presence of the OPM in The land of Papua in the name of the struggle to defend the Papuan people.

Ali Kabiay in the activity said that the current OPM struggle is a struggle that is not purely defending the Papuan people.

“Their method is very old-fashioned, where other countries are competing in economic wars, the OPM is still busy carrying out violence and terror even against the Papuans themselves,” said Ali Kabiay, Monday (27/6/2022).

“I think the current struggle of the OPM or KKB is very ancient because at this time people are busy fighting in the economic world, I have many friends from Papuan children who are currently living abroad, they don’t want to participate anymore in any activities to support Papuan independence, because they feel they are independent as individuals and are enjoying their lives and trying to compete in the economic war,” he said.

Also on this occasion, the Papuan community component issued a 4-point statement against OPM in Papua, namely:

1. Rejecting all forms of separatist movements in Papua, through armed movements that have claimed many victims and urging the security forces, both the TNI and the Police to pursue and take legal action against the perpetrators of the armed criminal separatist movement in Papua.

2. Strongly condemning all acts of violence carried out by armed criminal groups in Papua which looks very ancient because warfare in this modern era is not a physical war but an economic war where every region struggles and fights to improve their respective economies, therefore We strongly condemn all acts of violence by the KKB in Papua.

3. Fully supporting the implementation of the Special Autonomy Law Number 2 of 2022 and taking the acceleration of development in Papua.

4. Fully supporting the acceleration of the division of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) in the Land of Papua for welfare and better services, for the benefit of the Papuan people.

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