Papuan Coffee Festival and UMK, a Catalog of Delicious Coffees in Papua – A Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali visited the XX Papua Coffee and MSME Festival in Jayapura City, Saturday (9/10/2021). Arriving at 17.45 WIT, Menpora Amali who got out of the car was immediately greeted by a Papuan dance performed by Papuan children.

Menpora Amali, who was welcomed by the welcome dance, was also seen dancing together. After that, Menpora was invited to see and taste the Original Papuan Coffee at an outlet. Meanwhile, the visitors who were aware of the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports immediately approached and participated in capturing them by means of their gadgets.

Not only enjoying Papuan Original Coffee, Menpora Amali also looked at handicrafts from Papua. In fact, the Menpora got a necklace from the women keeping the Papuan handicraft stand. During this visit, Menpora Amali also met with the General Chairperson of the Central KONI, Marciano Norman and the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano.

On this occasion, the Minister of Youth and Sports gave a speech, one of which was about the economic impact of the presence of the PON XX Papua .

“I think this represents the fourth success. Successful implementation, successful achievement, successful administration and economic success of the community,” said the Menpora.

“We can see today, Mr. Sinaga from BI said that the circulation of the Papuan people’s money is extraordinary, multiplied. So this is ra eally PON that has an economic impact on the people of Jayapura and Papua in general,” he continued.

Furthermore, the Minister of Youth and Sports, who has tasted Papuan Original Coffee, said that Papuan coffee has a delicious taste and is worth trying.

“Yes, this festival is facilitated by the Mayor in collaboration with Bank Indonesia and stakeholders. This indicates that Papua has many types of coffee, we did not know that Papua has a lot of good coffee, it must be sorry if you don’t enjoy this coffee in Papua,” he concluded.

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