Papuan Children Often Have Physical and Verbal Violence – A Researcher from the Wahana Visi Indonesia Foundation, Agustinus Agung Wijaya, said that children in Papua Province often experience physical and verbal violence. This was revealed in a research with the theme  Study of Policy for the Protection and Compliance of Children’s Rights in Papua.

From this research, it is known that the perpetrators of physical and verbal violence are the closest people to the children who they should protect them. “There are six problems regarding children in Papua. First, physical and verbal violence,” said Agung Wijaya in a webinar entitled “Unraveling the Complexity of Child Protection in Papua. Where to Start?” monitored in online in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9).

Then, the problem of bullying, promiscuity, and child marriage. “There is indeed promiscuity that leads to child marriage. There is also something related to economic factors and debts. If parents have debts, often their children are given to pay off debts,” said Agung.

The next problem is the low ownership of birth certificates, the low access to education and the use of AIbon glue. “The use of aibon glue undergo evenly in almost all the districts that we researched. This is wide-spread over there,” he said.

The Wahana Visi Indonesia’s research was conducted in four districts in Papua Province, namely Jayapura Regency, Kab. Jayawijaya, Kab. Biak Numfor and Kab. Asmat. From this research, it is known that children are the second largest population in Papua.

“If the protection and fulfillment of children’s rights in Papua is not given enough, we will be able to know what the future of Papua will be like because these children are the generation that will lead Papua in the future,” he said.

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