Papuan Bethel Church Youth Urges Lukas Enembe to Face KPK Investigation – A Deputy Chairperson of the Youth and Children Department of the Bethel Church of Indonesia, Papua Province, Isac Imbiri, asked the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe as a leader, to be ready to face the examination of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) related to cases of alleged bribery and gratification.

“It’s not even avoiding it by building inventive opinions, such as asking the KPK to examine Luke in the open field,” said Isac as reported by SeputarTangsel.Com from Antara on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Isac also questioned the inauguration of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe as the head of a great tribe in Papua by the Papuan Customary Council (DAP) led by Dominikus Sorabut on October 8, 2022, which according to the Bethel Church youth was not in accordance with the DAP statutes.

According to Isac, the DAP statute does not recognize the term inauguration of the Papuan tribal chiefs, because the position of tribal chief is carried out for generations.

“In the DAP statutes and the operational guidelines of the DAP, there is no term inauguration of the chiefs of the large Papuan tribes, there are positions of hereditary tribal chiefs within the tribes in Papua,” said Isac.

Isac, who has served as Deputy Chair of the Young Generation of Reformers of Indonesia (Gempar) in Papua Province, also revealed that the inauguration of a large tribal chief in Papua was wrong and unreasonable.

“Because above the chieftain there is only God. There is no longer a  chief of tribe above a tribal chief,” said Isac.

Isac considered that the DAP led by Dominikus Sorabut, which had confirmed Governor Lukas Enembe as the head of the Papuan ethnic group, had disappointed the tribes, tribal chiefs, and the people of Papua.

According to the deputy chairman of the Earthquake, he suspected that there was a certain interest behind the inauguration of Lukas Enembe.

“There are two versions of the DAP, namely the DAP led by Dominikus Sorabut and the DAP that has legitimacy, namely the DAP led by Yan Piet Yerangga and Leo Imbiri,” said Isac.

Isac also invites the young generation of Papua to take lessons from the current situation that is developing in Papua, including the corruption case that is being faced by Lukas Enembe.

“Corruption must be eradicated from Earth of Cenderawasih. Papua in the future must have leaders who are completely clean of corruption,” said Isac.

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