Papua Wins the Best TPID Achievement in 2020 – The Papuan Provincial Government has won the best award at the 2020 Regional Inflation Control (TPID) conducted by Bank Indonesia.

The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, said the award was a special motivation for the Papua Provincial Government to work better in managing inflation.

This was conveyed by Spokesperson for the Governor of Papua Muhammad Rifai Darus after participating in the 2021 Inflation Control National Coordination Meeting which will also be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Pak Jokowi, virtually, Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

As stated by him, this achievement is an assessment of people’s purchasing power, so that the welfare component of people’s income is an important thing for the Papuan government to pay attention to.

Governor Enembe also emphasized to TPID Papua to keep inflation under control, especially when implementing PPKM. “The Papuan provincial government is trying to implement the recommendations from the central government through the 4 Ks, namely Price Affordability, Supply Availability, Smooth Distribution and Effective Communication,” said Rifai.

On that occasion, the governor thanked the Central Government for the assessment which was considered inseparable from the improved communication between Jakarta and Papua in managing and controlling inflation.

“The governor expressed his gratitude to all levels of the Papuan government working hard and measured so that we received an award as the best province in the 2020 TPID,” he said.

In addition to the Central Government, the governor expressed his gratitude to regional heads who opened themselves up to cooperate in inter-regional trade. Synergy like this, according to him, is the main key to success in controlling regional inflation.

“National inflation control requires maximum support from the regions considering that national inflation is an aggregation of regional inflation, therefore harmonization of policies of the Central Government and Regional Governments must be considered,” said Rifai.

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