Papua Will Have a New Neighbors! Bougainville Island Chooses to Separate from Papua New Guinea – Bougainville is one of the 21 provinces in Papua New Guinea. The province was originally known as North Salomon.

Bougainville chose for independence from Papua New Guinea in a referendum in 2019, and the process for its release will begin in 2023.

The people there expect to be fully independent in 2027. The result of the referendum has made local residents and international observers optimistic about a positive future for Bougainville.

A total of 176,928 people, or 98 percent, have supported Bougainville’s independence in a referendum.

This independence ended a decades-long peace process and a long recovery from a brutal civil war between Bougainville rebels, Papua New Guinea security forces and foreign mercenaries that ended in 1998 and killed up to 20,000 people at the time.

The public and observers believe that Bougainville is going to become an independent country because it has abundant natural resources, as well as the good tourism potential.

This island can be an alternative for tourists who are going on vacation, and can enter the name Bougainville besides Bali and Fiji.

This island has unspoiled natural beauty, such as forests, rivers, volcanoes and 685 km of pristine coastline.

Reported from that an expert from the Australian National University Dr Thiango Cintra-Opperman said “There are limited tour operators in Bougainville, most of them are World War II veterans and their relatives.” “’Bougainville is a very beautiful place, with great and diverse views, and friendly people, but the infrastructure is still very limited compared to Fiji and Bali.” he added.

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