Papua Tourism: Trying Culinary of Sagu Lempeng, a Typical Food of the Cenderawasih Land – Sagu Lempeng is one of the typical Papuan cuisines. As the name suggests, Sagu Lempeng is a sago-based preparation.

Sagu Lempeng is usually flat or slab. Quoted from the Jayapura Kominfo website, Sagu Lempeng is also referred to as the white bread of the people of Papua and West Papua.

Apart from these two areas, Sagu Lempeng is also found in other areas such as Maluku, Kalimantan and Riau.

Sagu Lempeng is made from sago flour and processed by being molded into an iron mold and then baked.

Sagu Lempeng are hard in texture and have a bland taste. However, now many are innovating by adding brown sugar or peanuts so that the taste is no longer bland. There is also a Sagu Lempeng with food coloring added to make it look more beautiful when served.

To enjoy it, you can eat it by dipping it in tea or coffee to make it softer. This culinary one is suitable as a gift if you are traveling to Papua.

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