Papua Tourism: Looking at the Tutari Megalithic Site, Prehistoric Relics in Papua – There are many Papuan tourist destinations you can visit, one of which is the Tutari Megalithic Site.

The Tutari Megalithic site is a tourist destination that stores various prehistoric relics, especially the life of the people in the Lake Sentani area.

The location of the Tutari Megalithic Site is in a hilly area in the village of Doyo Lama, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

Quoted from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Tutari Megalithic Site is a prehistoric relic of the young boulder era that developed around 1,500 BC which lies on customary land with ownership status by the Tutari tribal chief.

The Tutari tribe itself is a very large and powerful tribe at the western end of Lake Sentani until around 400 AD.

In the Sentani language, the name Tutari has its own meaning. ‘Tu’ means sun and ‘Tari’ which means circle.

Tutari, literally means the sun in the middle of the circle. To reach this site, visitors must travel 7 km for 20 minutes from Sentani Airport.

If from the center of Jayapura City, it takes about an hour to travel. Quoted from the page, the Doyo Lama believes that the Tutari tribe existed around 6,000 years ago.

This tribe lives in a village called Tutari Yoku Tamaiyoku. But the war with the Ebe Tribe made the Tutari Tribe extinct.

The Ebe tribe not only controlled Tutari but also ventured to Cape Warako, and shifted to Ayauge.

They then settled on the shores of Lake Sentani and are known as the ancestors of the people of Kampung Doyo Lama, Kwadeware, and Yakonde.

Then in sector four there is a king’s head stone that resembles a human. In sector five there is a spirit path connecting the living and the dead.

Finally in sector six there are menhirs or upright stones. Besides being able to travel history, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Sentani which stretches out from a height.

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