Papua Tourism: Enjoying the Beauty of Lake Sentani from Pholeuw Park – Pholeuw Park is one of Papua’s tourist destinations that can be visited when you go to Sentani. Pholeuw Park is a city park located in East Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

To reach Pholeuw Park, tourists only need about half an hour from Jayapura City. Pholeuw Park offers views of Lake Sentani which is the largest lake in Papua. From Pholeuw Park, tourists can see the lake surrounded by green hills.

If you come in the afternoon, tourists can enjoy a beautiful sunset when the weather is sunny. On weekends, if you are lucky, there are usually live music performances from various communities including church fellowship and local bands.

Photo Spot

Here, tourists can also capture the moment by taking pictures in a number of existing spots. Like the ‘Pholeuw Park’ sign that lights up at night.

You can also take photos using the lake and hillside scenery in the background. There are also winding steps with views of the hills and paintings of the sunset near the semi-circular steps.

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