Papua Successfully Wins an Informative Province Predicate in 2022 – Papua has won the title of Informative Province in 2022 in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Information Disclosure (Monev-KI), which has been participated in since 2014.

A Head of the Papua Communication and Information Service, Jeri Agus Yudinato, S.Kom said, this achievement was a fairly long process in improving the performance of Information and Documentation management at the Papua Provincial Government.

“Monev-KI 2022 saw a very significant increase in the participation of Public Bodies, 372 Public Bodies participated throughout Indonesia consisting of Ministries/Institutions, BUMN, State Universities, Provincial Governments and Political Parties with assessment results including: Not informative, Informative enough, towards Information and Informative,” explained Jeri.

The aspects of the assessment are continuous Information Service Innovation including the Updating Innovation, Use of Technology and Information, Benefits of Innovation, Uniqueness and Accessibility and Strategy of Public Agencies in implementing information disclosure.

The assessment was also clarified by an Assessment Team consisting of Central Information Commissioners, Academics, Practitioners or Community Organizations who have competence in the field of Information disclosure

“This success in 2022 is a trigger for the Papua Province to maintain and improve its performance in managing Information Disclosure in the government environment. So that the public/society can be served well and the government’s performance is more transparent in accordance with applicable regulations,” he said.

The 2022 award ceremony was attended by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, a number of governors, Echelon I Officials at the Ministry Level, Chancellors, SOE Leaders and Political Party Leaders in the Communication and Informatics Office of Papua Province.

The theme for 2022 Monev-KI is “Digitalization of Public Agency Information Disclosure during the Covid-19 Recovery Period”.

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