Papua Strives to Mitigate Frost Disaster – The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Papua Province encourages disaster mitigation efforts to reduce the risk of extreme weather disasters in the form of frost occuring in Kuyawage District, Lanny Jaya Regency.

A Chief Executive of the Papua Regional Disaster Management Agency, William Robert Manderi, said that these disaster events were periodic and certain, so that mitigation efforts were very important to be carried out.

“We have to look forward because the extreme weather conditions in Kuyawage are a recurring frost phenomenon,” he said.

According to Manderi, the frost phenomenon had previously been conveyed from March to July where extreme weather would occur, but the information was not conveyed due to communication access problems.

“There must be a comprehensive study so that information from BMKG information we will immediately convey it to the public,” he said

He explained that with the occurrence of the frost phenomenon, it must be anticipated immediately, such as what plants are suitable during the season, then preparation of food barns, especially if this is a recurring event.

“It’s been a few months before we have to be ready and we have to have a food barn, as well as a study of what food is suitable, but what’s important is how there is a barn that must be prepared when extreme weather occurs, there is no starvation that must be done,” he said.

“Of course, there must be good cooperation between the parties’ mitigation efforts between BPBD, BNPB, BMKG, the Agriculture and Food Service and then the Social Service,” added William Robert Manderi.

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