Papua Records the Highest Economic Growth, it is the Trigger – A Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded the economic growth throughout 2021 to reach 3.69%. The Indonesia’s economic growth throughout 2021 is considered to be better than the achievement in 2020 which experienced a growth contraction of 2.07%.

A Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Margo Yuwono conveyed that the spatial structure of Indonesia’s economy during 2021 was still dominated by provincial groups on the island of Java, which contributed to GDP of 57.89% with economic growth of 3.66%.

Furthermore, Sumatra Island contributed 21.70% with 3.18% growth, Kalimantan Island contributed 8.25% with 3.18% growth, Sulawesi Island contributed 6.89% with 5.67% growth, Bali and Nusa Tenggara contributed 2 .78% with a growth of 0.07%. Then, Maluku and Papua Island contributed 2.49% with the highest growth reaching 10.09%.

“The islands of Maluku and Papua, although the share is only 2.49%, but in 2021 it will grow 10.09%. If we see why the growth is quite high, because especially in North Maluku there is an increase in metal ore mining activity, especially nickel ore production, gold ore and silver ore,” said Margo Yuwono at the 2021 economic growth press conference, Monday (7/2/2022).

Meanwhile in Papua, the high growth was boosted by an increase in metal ore mining activity, particularly copper and gold production, as well as an increase in construction activities to support the implementation of the last PON (National Sports Week) in Papua.

Margo added, in general, Indonesia’s GDP per Capita shows an increasing trend. In 2021 it will reach Rp 62.2 million or equivalent to US$ 4,349.5. Previously in 2020, Indonesia’s PDP per Capita reached Rp. 57.3 million or the equivalent of US$ 3,934.5.

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