Papua Records the Excellent Commodities in Five Customary Areas – The Papua Provincial Fisheries Service recorded that there were various distributions of excellent commodities in the marine and fisheries sector in five customary areas in Cenderawasih Earth.

A Head of the Papua Province Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service, Iman Djuniawal, told, Tuesday (9/8/2022) in Jayapura.

The leading commodities in the Mamta Customary Area include Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Sarmi and Mamberamo Raya, including shrimp, lobster, sea cucumbers, demersal fish, pelagic fish, carp, tilapia and milkfish.

Then, for the Lapago Indigenous area including Jayawijaya, Tolikara, Lanny Jaya, Yahukimo, Yalimo, Mamberamo Tengah, Puncak, Puncak Jaya and the Bintang Mountains, there are several superior commodities in the form of cherax shrimp, carp and tilapia.

Furthermore, the Ha Anim Customary Area includes Merauke, Asmat, Boven Digoel and Mappi Regencies, there are also several superior commodities, namely shrimp, crabs, demersal fish and small pelagic fish.

Turning to the Saireri Indigenous area covering the districts of Biak Numfor, Supiori, Yapen and Waropen Islands dominated by seaweed and several marine advantages including crabs, shrimp, lobster, domestic fish, pelagic fish and seaweed.

Meanwhile, the Meepago customary area which includes Nabire, Dogiyai, Deiyai, Paniai and Intan Jaya only has two superior commodities, namely carp and tilapia.

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