Papua Pushed to Become a Sports Province – A General Chairperson of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Marciano Norman, attended the opening of the KONI Sports Conference of Papua Province. Marciano’s presence is an appreciation for the Papuan people who have successfully hosted the XX 2021 National Sports Week. Musorprov was officially opened on Monday 13 June 2022.

In his remarks, Marciano hoped that the success of PON 2021 would not just disaapear. He wants the legacy in the form of existing sports venues to be used to create future athletes.

“As a form of appreciation, pride, and gratitude, I am the General Chairperson of the Central KONI, representing 33 provinces throughout Indonesia, representing 72 sports, and 6 functional organizations present here, expres my gratitude and highest appreciation to the General Chairperson of KONI Papua and also the Governor as well as the Chairman of PB PON XX/2021 Papua, namely Mr. Lukas Enembe, “said Marciano Norman.

“Now what we have to think about after the PON is over, what we will do. Therefore, Musorprov becomes very important in determining. National training camps for several sports can be carried out in Papua because these assets are valuable assets,” he added.

Previously, the Head of the KONI Papua, represented by the Secretary General Kenius Kogoya, explained that Papua was not only successful as the host of the event, but also the success of its contingent. It was explained that Papua’s target was to enter the top 5, which has been realized. “This is the first time that Papua province has been ranked fourth nationally,” said Kenius Kogoya, representing the head of the Papua KONI, Lukas Enembe.

On the other hand, Governor Lukas Enembe gave a message to Musorprov participants for the future of Papuan sports achievements. “For the election of the General Chair of KONI for the 2022-2026 term, I urge the participants to choose the right person,” said Lukas.

In addition, Lukas Enembe also linked it with the ‘Sports Province’ which certainly had to perform well. At the opening of the Musorprov, appreciation was also given to Papuan athletes representing Indonesia at the Vietnam SEA Games. Governor Lukas Enembe directly gave a symbolic appreciation accompanied by the Head of the Central KONI.

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